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Monthly and Annual Competition Rules

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  1. No image may be entered in a competition if it has been used in a previous Stalybridge Photographic Club competition.
  2. The number of entries a photographer may enter into each competition and the method of submission is agreed from time to time by the Committee and published on the Club’s website.
  3. The photographer submitting the images must have taken them and have the full copyright of all elements of the image at their disposal. Manipulated images are welcome, provided the photographer has carried out all the manipulation, and that he/she took the original exposure/s. Images constructed from so-called royalty free and copyright free images to which nobody owns the copyright are not acceptable.
  4. Prints can be commercially produced and must be mounted on card exactly 500mm x 400mm, backed and be no thicker than 4mm. No tape of any description to be used on the back of the mounts. Backing boards should be the same size as the front mount.
  5. Digital Projected Images (DPIs) should be 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high, formatted in jpeg and sRGB colour space. Unused areas of an image should be filled with black or dark grey if an image is less than 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high.
  6. It will be assumed that any images, PDI or print, entered into monthly or annual competitions may be selected to represent the club in external competitions and publication on the Club’s website unless a member specifically requests otherwise.
  7. The competitions are only open to fully-paid members of Stalybridge Photographic Club.
  8. Submission of an entry will signify acceptance of these rules.

AGM 28.09.2015

Revised September 2017


How many

Members may submit TWO DPIs and THREE prints to each competition.


Entries must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the relevant competition.

DPI requirements

Each DPI must:

  • be 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high
  • be in .jpeg format
  • have a profile of sRGB
  • have a title
  • have a file name in the following format:
    • 1 space Title; space Month space Year
    • and if there is a second image
    • 2 space Title; space Month space Year
      • e.g. 1 Llandudno; june 2015
      •        2 Derwent Water; june 2015
    • NB remember to include a semicolon as part of the title.

Having trouble sizing your DPIs? Then our tutorials will help.

How To Submit DPI Entries

DPI entries must be submitted by e–mail [] as an attachment in a zipped folder – see below how to zip a folder, which must be titled with your name.

Before zipping, please ensure that the images are in the correct format:

  1. right click on the image
  2. left click on the Properties label
  3. check that the File Type is JPEG
  4. left click on the Details tab
    1. scroll to the Image section
    2. confirm that the Dimensions are 1600 x 1200, Width is 1600 pixels, Height is 1200 pixels and Color representation is sRGB
  5. if any of these factors are different, please correct them before entering the image

Print Sizes

Prints for internal, but not the quarterly competitions, can be up to 500mm x 400mm but must be on a rigid mount, which must not exceed 500mm x 400mm.

Prints for quarterly competitions must be mounted on board, exactly 500mm x 400mm. If a window mount is used, a backing board of similar size is required.

Retention of Entries

It is expected, but not a requirement, that entries will be retained for battles with other clubs.

How to Zip a File or Folder


  1. select the files to be zipped
  2. right click on one of the highlighted files
  3. select "Send to" in the drop–box
  4. choose "Compressed (zipped) folder" in the dialogue box
  5. note that the folder name is the same as one of the files in it
  6. rename the newly–created compressed folder by right clicking on it, choose "Rename" and then type the new name

zip example zip example zip example zip example


  1. open a finder window and navigate to the file or folder you wish to zip
  2. right click the item and select "Compress" from the pop–up menu; the name of the item you select will appear after the word Compress, so the actual menu item will read Compress "item name"
  3. the Archive Utility will zip the selected file – a progress bar will display while the compression is occurring
  4. the original file or folder will be left intact; you will find the compressed version in the same folder as the original (or on the desktop, if that is where the file or folder is located), with the zip appended to its name

How to Resize DPIs

Having trouble sizing your DPIs? Then our tutorials will help.